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Enjoy my cosplay!! <3 :iconrinplz:




Hey so yeah its been a long freaking while
(This is just a short update)
So I've been back in Canada for almost 2 months now and it kinda sucks. I wanna go back on exchange ;A;
But alas, every things working out okay and my life is going very well :)
The only thing is, I really don't think I'm going to be able to get back into cosplaying. At least for now.
I still have all my cosplays etc but between school and trying to get a job + travelling the world its a little too much for me rn.
And lets be real cosplay is HELLA expensive. /ihavenomoney/ 
also because I have like no free time I really doubt I'll be on here much anymore. I'm still gunna keep my account open and what not but I think from now on I'll only really be posting art pictures and maybe some photography stuff.  So I'm sorry if you message me and I reply like a month later. 

But I thank all my watchers for sticking with me, you guys are awesome :* 

also Leute ich bedanken dir für alles und hoffentlich gleich kann ich meine cosplay wieder machen. Aber trotzdem ich bleib hier endlich haha :3 
ich vermiss Deutschland und meine Austausch freunde ;A; na ja...

tschüss leuteeeee

bye bye 
  • Mood: Artistic
  • Listening to: The 1975
  • Reading: die bücherdiebin
  • Watching: Bojack Horseman
  • Playing: Sims 3
  • Eating: home made salsa
  • Drinking: pepsi


Laura Kennedy
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Strawberry :iconblushingplz:

Follow me on twitter!!! @Laurakennedy96

Instagram : Laurakennedyxoxo

Former Rotary Youth Exchange Program Student: Germany D1880 <3 Für immer in mein hertz :*

Sagittarius-December baby (^3^)

My name is Laura <3 my birthday is December 17 XD I absolutely LOVE cosplay and anime, along with Japanese & Asian culture.
I am a horse back rider and I enjoy yoga and pilates as well as dance and swimming. Im also crazy about history :) I am 5'11 and hopefully not growing anymore :S I tend to blush alot. I have a passion for traveling :D
I am also a shopaholic and i love spending time with my friends and family <3

I love everything sweet and spicy :iconallthethingsplz:

I speak English, french, German and a bit of Japanese and Portuguese.

dont look back, just look foward.
how can you stand still in a moving crowd? :iconwthplz:

check out les icons:

:iconkagaminerinplz: :icongoodtimesplz: :iconherpplz: :iconharuhiplz: :iconfeargardenplz: :iconcrazyplz: :iconolivierarmstrongplz: :icondarkrageplz::iconspittingcerealguyplz::iconslendyplz::icontardplz::iconbadassplz::icondignitylaughplz::iconotlplz::iconleanreactionplz::iconkuroshitsujiplz: :iconhahaplz: :iconpervyrinplz: :iconpedobearplz: :iconenglandflagplz::iconinglipplz::iconfeellikeasirplz::iconhatsunemikuplz::iconimhappyplz: :iconforeveraloneplz: :icontrollfaceplz: :iconmegustaplz: :iconfuckyeaplz: :iconcardcrusherplz: :iconermahgerdplz::iconladyredplz: :iconmikuruplz: :iconmadokaplz::iconouranplz: :iconrosaplz: :iconlalalaplz: :iconrobotplz::iconpervyplz: :iconnoodlesplz: :iconpervplz: :iconwhywouldyoudothatplz::icondatashplz: :iconrainbowllamaplz: :iconrepoplz: :iconswagplz: :iconmatryoshkaplz: :iconleleleplz: :iconbutterflyplz: :iconimegacameplz: :icondeathnoteplz: :iconbleachplz: :iconcorneliaplz: :iconiultracameplz: :iconpartayplz: :iconisupercameplz: :iconbroplz: :iconnekoplz: :icongangstaplz: :iconmagnetplz: :iconrinplz: :iconmadokakanameplz: :iconpattythompsonplz: :iconshinkuplz: :iconkyokosakuraplz::iconsuigintouplz: :iconhinaichigoplz: :iconsouseisekiplz: :iconbarasuishouplz: :iconkirakishouplz: :iconkanariaplz: :iconchiiplz: :iconnyancatplz: :icontemariplz: :icondaughterofevilplz: :iconokayplz: :iconpacmanplz: :iconstarstruckplz::iconyousayplz:
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:iconblackrockshooterplz: :iconbrofist1plz::iconbrofist2plz:


COSPLAYS- completed:
Kagamine Rin-Normal
Kagamine Rin -Sandplay
Kagamine Rin -Love is war
Kagamine Rin- Alice of Human Sacrifice
Shizuka Hio- Vampire Knight
Madame Red-Kuroshitsuji
Rosa Ushiromiya -Umineko no naku koro ni
Takashi Morinozuka-Ouran host club
Hatsune Miku- Rolling Girl
Puella magi madoka magica-Madoka


coming soon:
Dead Master- Black Rock Shooter :icondeadmasterplz:(80 % done!)
Stocking- Panty and stocking :iconstockingplz: ( 40% done!!)
Suigintou- Rozen maiden:iconsuigintouplz: (50% done!!!)
SAO- Lyfa/Leafa
Tokyo mew mew Ichigo- (20% done!!)


future plans:
Kagamine rin-project DIVA cheerful candy :iconkagaminerinplz:
Yui-Angel beats
Minatsuki- Deadman Wonderland
Shura Kirigakure- Ao no Exorcist :iconshurakirigakureplz:
Chii - Chobits :iconchiiplz:
Vampire Knight- Rima
Naruto-Akatsuki- Sasori
Alice the madness returns
soul eater- either Patty or Medusa its undecided :P
Avatar- Suki
Young justice- miss martian
Teen Titans- Star fire
Princess tutu- White swan
Adventure time- Flame princess
Attack on Titan- Annie
RWBY - Weiss Schnee
Kagamine Rin- Anti the Infinate Holic

Current Residence: all corners of the earth
Favourite genre of music: rap, pop, spanish, german, japanese, indie and opera
Favourite style of art: realistic or portraits
MP3 player of choice: iPhone/ipad
Shell of choice: conch shell~sound like the sea
Skin of choice: skin doesn't matter it's the person who does :)
Favourite cartoon character: can't pick just one ;)
Personal Quote: you can never buy too much

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